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Understanding the biomechanics of the golf swing (how your body moves in the golf swing) is the key for all high level golfers.


By teaching you how to move and position your body correctly and then in the correct sequence, the role of the hands, arms and club become simpler, repeatable and more powerful with much less effort. This will also protect your body from injury and allow you to practise longer. 


Using the latest in golf video and computer and launch monitor analysis, Matt brings a modern and current teaching approach to Harford county golfers of all ages and levels of play.


With two world-class indoor/outdoor semi-private teaching facility's located in Forest Hill and Churchville. FGI is open all year round. With 8 golf simulators at Forest Hill, 6 at Churchville as well as 8 outdoor bays Ferguson Golf Institute offers everything any golfer at any level should need.

Play the best golf of YOUR life and contact Matt today.

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